With Infinity for Business, you receive a fully maintained (i.e. if it breaks, we fix it) business rated, wireless and mobile print (air print)
multi-function printer with a duty cycle limit of 2,000 pages a month, as well as unlimited ink for a low monthly fee.

Whenever you need ink, it’s simply a case of ordering by ringing or emailing us and we will deliver
out your replacement cartridges for free of charge.

We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and reliable service. An extra set of cartridges will be
supplied with your initial order, so you never have a reason to run out of ink.

Then once you are down to your last set of cartridges, simply contact us for replacements and we
will deliver them to you the nest working day.

If your printer malfunctions in any way, we will visit you on-site and repair or replace the faulty unit.

Choose from our 3 Infinity for Business Plans




  • From 41p per day +VAT
  • A4 wireless multifunction
  • Print, Scan and Copy
  • Colour LCD, Duplex
  • Mobile print
  • Unlimited Ink

Business Plus



  • From 55p per day +VAT
  • A4 wireless multifunction
  • Duplex Print, Scan and Copy
  • 3G Fax and Ethernet
  • Colour LCD, mobile print
  • Unlimited Ink

Business Extra



  • Equiv. to 68p per day +VAT
  • A3+ wireless multifunction
  • Print, Scan and Copy
  • Duplex, mobile print and touch screen
  • 3G fax and Ethernet
  • Unlimited Ink

To qualify for this service, a £50.00 refundable deposit is required, which you get back at the end of your initial 12 month (or subsequent) agreement and you return your equipment and packaging in complete and good order.

We also ask that you pay your first month of the service in advance, before we set you up for monthly payments via the Go Cardless direct debit service,

After your initial 12 month agreement, you are free to cancel at any time. If you decide to continue with our service, as most of our clients, it will simply roll on and we will continue to collect payments by direct debit, whilst you benefit from unlimited ink and a fully maintained printer.

Extra discounts for advance annual and 3-year payment options.

If you choose to pay annually in advance, you do not pay any deposit and you benefit from one month free, i.e. you only pay for 11 months, but receive 12 months service.

If you choose to pay a three year advance payment, you do not pay any deposit and you benefit from six months free, i.e. you only pay for 30 months, but receive 36 months service.