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Infinity Print Solutions
Photocopier Repairs

Service, Repair & Maintenance


At Infinity Print Solutions we service, repair, and provide photocopier and printer maintenance contracts to businesses, schools and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Every one of our customers matters to us, so whether your package comprises of a single copier or thirty, as an Infinity Print customer you will always receive an exceptional level of support from our friendly and professional team. Remember Solutions not Problems

Flexible and Affordable

Opt for one of our flexible maintenance plans and you will benefit from low photocopying charges and the peace of mind that comes with an all-inclusive package where the costs of photocopier servicing, repairs, parts, and toner are all covered. Our expert team of manufacturer-trained and accredited engineers will carry out regular routine servicing to keep your copiers and printers operating efficiently and reducing the chance of breakdowns.

Remote Monitoring

All contracted photocopiers are remotely monitored by us, so we are immediately alerted to any issues and can respond quickly to keep you printing. Replacement copier toner is automatically dispatched so it’s there when you need it. A free collection and recycling service is provided for all empty toner units. We can also recycle your other ink or toner cartridges even if they where not supplied by us helping your carbon footprint and our planets natural resources.

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Common Faults we repair

There are many common faults with business copiers – whatever the issue, we repair photocopiers in Cumbria, North Lancashire, Sussex and the Scottish Borders.

Paper Jams
Paper Pick-up Issues
Smudged and Missing Print
Lines down the page
Misaligned images
For assistance with photocopiers not covered by an Infinity Print Maintenance Contract, customers can still benefit from our expertise and superb service.

Simply get in touch for a personalised estimate for servicing, engineer call-outs and repairs.

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