Canon PG-510/CL-511 Multipack (BK/CL)

£31.90 ex VAT £38.28 inc VAT

The Canon PG-510/CL-511 Multi-Pack (BK/CL) revolutionizes your printing experience by providing a comprehensive solution for all your printing needs. This pack encompasses both the PG-510 black and CL-511 tri-colour cartridges, offering users a versatile and cost-effective option for producing high-quality prints at home or in the office. With Canon Fine technology integrated into both cartridges, precision and excellence are guaranteed with every print. The PG-510 black cartridge ensures crisp and sharp text, making it ideal for professional documents, reports, and letters. Meanwhile, the CL-511 tri-colour cartridge delivers vibrant and true-to-life colours, enhancing the quality of photos, graphics, and other visual materials. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with a range of compatible Canon printers, installation and usage are effortless, allowing users to focus on their tasks without interruptions. The multi-pack format provides added convenience, ensuring that users have replacement cartridges readily available when needed, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous productivity. Whether you’re printing documents, photos, or creative projects, the Canon PG-510/CL-511 Multi-Pack (BK/CL) combines convenience, affordability, and quality, delivering outstanding printing results every time.