Canon PG-40 Black Print Cartridge (High Capacity)

£17.77 ex VAT £21.32 inc VAT

The Canon PG-40 Black Cartridge stands out as a testament to Canon’s commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Equipped with the ground-breaking FINE ink technology, this cartridge promises sharp, clear, and detailed prints that professional and casual users alike would appreciate. It’s not just about the technology inside, but also the longevity it offers; the high-capacity design means fewer replacements and more consistent printing. Designed specifically for a range of PIXMA models, it ensures optimal compatibility and performance, reducing the chances of printer issues or ink wastage. Furthermore, Canon’s dedication to sustainability is evident, as this cartridge is not only built to reduce waste but also carries certain eco-friendly features, making it a choice that’s both good for your printer and the planet. Whether for business documents or personal projects, the Canon PG-40 Black Cartridge emerges as an indispensable tool for quality and reliable printing.