Brother LC121 Black Ink Cartridge. (XLC)

£14.18 ex VAT £17.02 inc VAT

The Brother LC121 Black Ink Cartridge (XLC) is a high-quality printing accessory designed specifically for Brother inkjet printers. This cartridge delivers exceptional print quality, making it an ideal choice for various printing needs, whether it’s producing professional documents, school assignments, or personal projects. With advanced ink technology, the LC121 cartridge ensures sharp and clear text, as well as vibrant and detailed black-and-white images.

Featuring a generous ink capacity, the LC121 cartridge allows for extensive printing before needing a replacement. This results in improved productivity and reduced downtime, as users can rely on the cartridge to consistently deliver impressive results. Moreover, the cartridge is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with compatible Brother inkjet printers, providing a hassle-free printing experience.