1. The subscription to Infinity Print Solutions is for a minimum 12-month period from the date of joining.
  2. Subscriptions can only be paid monthly (12 consecutive payments required). Except for 1 year and 3-year payment up front agreements.
  3. A subscription entitles subscribers to a maintained printer with unlimited print cartridges, for a minimum period of 12 months. Installation and setup is the responsibility of the subscriber; however, we do offer a full installation and setup service at a cost of £25 for family subscription and £35 for business subscription.
    3a. If payment is provided upfront for the first 12 months, we will give you one month free. Alternatively, if payment is made upfront for 3 years, we will give you six months free. Payment will still be taken by Go Card less and will be set up to take the annual payment once a year, unless 1 month notice is provided. On the three-year payment, it will be set up once every 3 years unless one month notice is received.
  4. A refundable deposit of £25.00 is required for Home Infinity and £60 for Infinity for Business and is taken when setting up the monthly payments. The deposit is refunded to the subscriber when the printer is returned to the store undamaged and in full working order. The decision of the Infinity Print Solutions store will be final. If the printer is returned in an unsatisfactory or non-working order, the deposit will be retained.
  5. The printer and associated Infinity Print Solutions print cartridges supplied by Infinity Print Solutions, shall remain the property of Infinity Print Solutions always.
  6. The printers supplied to subscribers as part of Infinity Print Solutions maybe refurbished.
  7. If a printer fails for any reason, the Infinity Print Solutions should be notified as soon as possible. If a failure cannot be fixed then the printer will be replaced at no additional cost.
  8. Subscriptions are not transferable to any other parties.
  9. Subscriptions are only for use by a single household (Family print).
  10. Subscriptions and the printers and printer cartridges are only for home use (Family print).
  11. Subscriptions and the printers and printer cartridges are not for use by organization’s or businesses for commercial use. (Family print)
  12. The printer and associated Infinity Print Solutions printer cartridges (including any print made using them) supplied by Infinity Print Solutions are not for resale.
  13. Only Infinity Print Solutions printer cartridges can be used with Infinity Print Solutions Plans.
  14. Subscriptions will automatically continue after the 12 months or 3-year period and the relevant direct debit will be taken, at the same rate, unless one months’ notice to terminate is received from the member.
  15. Termination will only be accepted with the return of any Infinity Print Solutions supplied printer and printer cartridges. Email to advise of request to terminate stating details of reason for such.
  16. Subscribers will only be renewed if they have adhered to Infinity Print Solutions Terms,
  17. Conditions and Policies.
  18. Under the Data Protection Act 2003, Infinity Print Solutions ensures that member’s details will not be referred or sold to any third-party organizations. You may opt out of Infinity Print related promotions or notices by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link on emails or replying STOP to text messages.
  19. Infinity Print Solutions reserves the right to change subscription pricing at any time.
  20. Infinity Print Solutions reserves the right to refuse or cancel a subscription.
  21. Infinity Print Solutions reserves the right to refuse renewal or continuation of a subscription.

Subscription Termination Policy

Infinity Print Solutions reserves the right to terminate a subscription at its sole discretion during the term of a subscription. Subscriptions payments will cease. The subscriber will be required to return the printer and associated cartridges. Infinity Print Solutions reserves the right to terminate a subscription if it is deemed uneconomical for Infinity Print Solutions to maintain.

If a payment is missed the subscription is frozen and no replacement print cartridges will be permitted while frozen. The member will be contacted to request payment and if payment is not received within 5 working days, the subscription may be terminated; the printer and the associated cartridges will be required to be returned. If the printer and the associated cartridges are not returned undamaged and in full working order, the initial deposit will be retained against the value of the printer and you will be required to pay the balance of the minimum 12-month term. Members whose subscriptions are terminated will only be permitted to rejoin at the discretion of the Infinity Print Solutions.

Each calendar month is defined as starting from the 1st of each month, where a1st of the month falls on a Sunday out of trading hours the start of the calendar month will fall on the Monday 2nd of each month where this occurs.