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Business grade printer solutions for businesses across Cumbria and Lancashire

We offer business owners our business print solutions, developed through many years of experience and customer service excellence.

We have evolved Infinity Print Solutions to continually meet the expectation of our customers changing needs, providing flexible options for all their business grade printer and digital needs. Finding our clients wanted high-quality equipment combined with low managed costs with expert on-site support and servicing via a team of highly trained engineers, we created Infinity for Business.

As an Infinity Business customer, you will receive unlimited access to our support services be it at one of our support centres or on site. Should you encounter any unexpected problems or have a query about how to use any of the features on your device, our team is here to provide premium support whenever you need it.

Infinity Business

(Inkjet. Ideal for SOHO or small teams)

With Infinity for Business, you receive a fully maintained (i.e. if it breaks, we fix it) business rated, wireless and mobile print (air print) multi-function printer with a duty cycle limit of 1500 pages a month, as well as unlimited ink for a low monthly fee.

Whenever you need ink, it’s simply a case of ordering by ringing, emailing us or ordering via Quick Order and we will deliver out your replacement cartridges for free of charge. You can even get your cartridges same day if you order before 1pm in these postcodes. LA1 LA3 LA4 CA1 CA2 CA3

An extra set of cartridges will be supplied with your initial order, so you never have a reason to run out of ink. Then once you are down to your last set of cartridges, simply contact us for replacements and we will deliver them to you the next working day.

If your printer malfunctions in any way, we will visit you on-site and repair or replace the faulty unit.

Infinity Business FAQ's

What happens at the end of the 12-month contract?
You have 3 options:
Return the printer and end the contract,
Upgrade to a different printer and start a new 12-month contract.
Move to a 30 day rolling contract you can cancel any time.

Do you offer an installation service?
Yes, one of our expert can install the device for the additional cost of £60+VAT

Is it really unlimited ink?
Yes it really is, we do however ask that if you are doing more than 1500 pages per month to look at our other package as they may be more suitable. Laser devices are quicker and more reliable for high volumes of print.

Create your own plan

You can create your very own plan, simply by answering a couple of questions regarding your printer needs and usage and we’ll take care of the rest.

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